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Training for Transition to the Common Performance Accountability System

To access the archived WINTAC training, please visit the Recorded Training.

RSA & WINTAC Recorded Webinars:

RSA-911 Data Dashboards
The Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) has developed RSA-911 data dashboards which include feedback on quarterly and Program Year data to State VR Agencies. The WINTAC, in partnership with RSA, has recorded an informational webinar to explain data dashboards, including examples of how the charts can be used for quality assurance and evaluation. Material for this training include:

  • YouTube pre-recorded informational webinar
  • Transcripts
  • These dashboards have been saved to the RSA secure state share folder as PDF titled StateAgency_QAPY2017Q3


  • 02/07/18: On the Right Track Part 1: Tracking & Reporting Pre-Employment Transition Services

    In this recorded webinar, the WINTAC Pre-Employment Transition Services team is hosting our WINTAC partner at the National Disability Institute Rachel Anderson, who is the technical assistance & training manager and subject matter expert for performance reporting. Part one of this webinar series will focus on the required data elements for tracking and reporting pre-employment transition services for both in-house and purchased services. Requirements and ideas for capturing the information necessary for accurate reporting, including policies, procedures, and internal controls, as well as opportunities and recommendations for tracking outcomes for potentially eligible students will be highlighted.

    Closed Captioning will stream during the recording. A copy of the transcript is also available upon request. Presentation materials are available for download once registered. Please be sure to complete the evaluation located in the Weblinks pod on the site. One CRC credit will be awarded upon completion and submission of your evaluation.

    Be sure to stay tuned for part two of this Webinar Series on the Tracking and Reporting of Pre-Employment Transition Services where Alaska and Maryland will share their state strategies for meeting these reporting requirements.

    Event: On the Right Track Part 1: Tracking & Reporting Pre-Employment Transition Services

    When: On Demand: This is a pre-recorded webinar

    To register and view this recorded webinar, visit this link.