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COVID-19 Resources

The WINTAC has created a list of resources to help VR programs that are operating by distance and providing services remotely during the COVID-19 crisis.  We will be building on these resources daily, so please check back frequently.  Click to access the COVID-19 Resources. Click to access the Resources on Distance Service Delivery.

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Customized Employment

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Supported Employment

  • Supported Employment Quality Features
    WINTAC, along with a wide variety of stakeholders with extensive supported employment experience developed the attached “Supported Employment Quality Features” document to identify and describe high quality features of supported employment as a guide for the universal application of these features across service delivery and training providers.  The intent of this document is to provide a consistent framework and detailed description of all the elements necessary to provide high quality supported employment services.
  • Supported Employment Core Features Checklist
    This document is intended to provide a checklist based on the above “Supported Employment Quality Features” to assist VR agencies in evaluating SE services that are being provided by VR staff and/or contracted service providers. Audience: service providers and VR staff that oversee SE services.
  • Essential Questions for Supported Employment Design
    This document is intended to help VR agencies set up the framework for and effectively support quality supported employment (SE) services. It’s a companion document to the two referenced above. Audience: VR SE program managers-leadership.
  • Supported Employment Critical Policy and Definition Elements 
    is compiled from multiple resources such as WIOA Law, regulations, and RSA guidance to provide a comprehensive view of Supported Employment.

RSA's technical assistance regarding key aspects of SE implementation under WIOA

NOTE: Consider signing up for RSA's email subscription page for email updates on a variety of topics relevant to the VR program.

Supported Employment Resources from VR agencies:

Supported Employment Resources related to ‘Natural Supports’

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Competitive Integrated Employment

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Business Engagement


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